Dance Freedom Project (“Portland Dance Studio”)
232 SE Oak St Portland OR 97214 DEFINITION OF TERMS
“Dance Freedom Project” – The business entity managing the spaces advertised as “Portland Dance Studio”.
“Member” – A customer in good standing with Dance Freedom Project who agrees to and abides by these terms and conditions of this membership agreement. As long as the customer is in good standing, they are afforded reservation privileges by Dance Freedom Project.
“Reservation” – A private, member-held use of time and space as agreed to by Dance Freedom Project.
Important: A Member is not a “renter”, “tenant”, “leasor”, “leasee”, “subleasor”, “sublessee”, or other rental-related role and therefore is not afforded tenant rights or any other rights related to rental relationships. DAMAGE & CLEANING INSPECTION PRIOR TO USE
Member should arrive and do a damage and cleaning inspection prior to using the facilities and amenities. If filth or damage was left by a previous reservation, Member is responsible to send an email documenting the incident to prevent the Member from being liable for a $30/hour maintenance fee with a one hour minimum, plus any direct costs for supplies for cleaning and/or damage repair. If no report documented the filth/damage was caused prior to Member’s use, the Member is liable. SANITATION
Dance Freedom Project is not liable and cannot guarantee there are no communicable germs, viruses, or diseases on any surfaces of the facilities, including but not limited to door handles, flooring, shelves, equipment, amenities, or shared hallways or bathroom facilities. Member is responsible for sanitizing to reduce risks for communicable diseases. NO TOUCHING MIRRORS
Touching of the mirrors is forbidden. Touching of the mirrors will result in a $20 fee. GARBAGE
If there is any wet or smelly trash it should be removed at the end of the reservation and garbage bag replaced. Failure to remove wet or smelly trash will result in a $20 fee. CLEAN UP AFTER USE
Member will leave facility clean and secure upon end of reservation. Use of the facility cleaning equipment is available (flat mop, duster, dustpan, rags, sanitizing spray, paper towels)
In cases of excessive sweating or nudity, floor will be sprayed with sanitizing spray (provided by Dance Freedom Project) and mopped with the flat mop with rag. REPORT FILTH/DAMAGE CAUSED
Member must report any filth or damage caused during their reservation, and doing say may result in lower financial liabilities or other leniency. For filth/damage caused by a prior reservation, see the section above on “DAMAGE & CLEANING INSPECTION PRIOR TO USE”. NO LOST AND FOUND
Member is responsible to collect all lost and found items and trash. Lost and found items should not be left in the facility. RESERVATION FEE
Member shall pay Dance Freedom Project for the use of facility according to the predetermined rates as determined through its approved booking system. INDEMNIFICATION
Member shall Indemnify, defend, and save harmless Dance Freedom Project against any and all loss, cost, damage, expense, and liability arising out of any act or neglect by Member or its invitees, in, on, or about the facility. Member hereby releases Dance Freedom Project from any and all liability and responsibility. Member is responsible for its own permits, insurance, licenses that may be required for the event/ activities Member is hosting. There are no illegal activities or substances allowed in the facility. “AS-IS” CONDITION
Member agrees to accept facility for their reservation in its “as-is” condition “with all faults”. ASSIGNMENT AND BOOKING
Member shall not utilize Member’s privileges on behalf of someone else who is not a member. Member shall not transfer or reserve the facility or any part thereof on behalf of a non-member, nor permit the use of the facility to any party other than Member’s pre-approved activities. Facility will not be used for anything other than what was pre-approved and pre-arranged. TERMINATION
Dance Freedom Project may terminate this agreement based for any reason. Among reasons for termination include but are not limited to:
Members violating the agreement and giving no effort to fix or repair concerns brought to the attention of the member.
Reckless and destructive use of the facility
Dance Freedom Project reserves the right to unconditionally terminate this agreement. CANCELLATIONS & REFUNDS
Dance Freedom Project reserves the right to cancel and refund any member for any purchase of credit or any reservation that is accidental or otherwise becomes problematic for Dance Freedom Project, regardless of the reason. INTERFERENCE
Members shall use the facility in a manner which shall not cause interference with the use or occupancy of the other portions of the building by Dance Freedom Project or others in any way. Members use hereunder will be done in such a manner so as not to interfere with or impose any additional expense upon Dance Freedom Project in maintaining the building. RESTORATION
If any damage occurs to the facility, or if any repairs or replacements need to be made to up the facility as a result of the Member’s activities, The Member shall pay Dance Freedom Project for any such damage, repairs, or replacements upon demand by Dance Freedom Project. PASSDOWN OF PENALTIES
If any additional charges from the landlord or other authorized decision-maker of the building are incurred by Dance Freedom Project as a direct or indirect result of the actions or inactions of the Member, then the Member is responsible for 100% of those charges, up to a maximum of 12 months duration. ARBITRATION
Neutral arbitration will be used in lieu of legal cases involving Dance Freedom Project. Lawsuits will not be pursued. Arbitration fees will be paid 50/50. NON-DISCLOSURE
Any negative feedback or conflicts with Dance Freedom Project shall remain completely confidential.